Are you tired of searching for the cure of herpes? Learn this article

Are you tired of searching for the cure of herpes? You could be wondering if at all there is acure of herpes herpes cure. Herpes is a viral disease, as such, it is not possible to completely cure the disease, but there are known ways that can prevent the irritating out breaks. When one gets infected by this disease, it is likely to experience outbreaks that are quite painful because of the fever and cold sores.

There are different types of herpes. The most common type of herpes is called Herpes simplex.This type of herpes causes blisters on the mouth, nose and lips. Herpes simplex can not cause any other type of herpes and no other type can cause the herpes simplex. It is a highly contagious disease especially when a person has the outbreak. It is important to maintain hygiene and distance so that other people around don’t get the disease. If the fluid if the outbreak is passed from one person to another, they will contract the virus. This is possible if they share beverages and things like razors and needles.

Honey is known to be a good cure for colds sores. It is effective when taken every day for three or four times. It can heal the sores and stops the itching as fast as twenty four hours. Apple cider vinegar is also known to heal cold sores. It is a topical solution that keeps sores from appearing when it’s applied on the lips.

To eliminate herpes outbreaks, it is required that you take maximum dosage of the elementary miracle, a natural antiviral twice per day for a number of weeks. It can also be mixed with DMSO and then rubbing it on the cold sores and also on the backbone.

The known symptoms for herpes virus are; swollen lymph glands in the groin, muscle aches, headaches and fever. The herpes can also affect the genitals of both male and female. The genital herpes cause outbreaks that are at times so painful, they also cause itching and burning sensations. These symptoms can be cured if they are identified before the outbreak. If you have the disease you should avoid one on one contact with other people because it is possible to pass it even if the symptoms are not yet out.

Once you get these symptoms you should get assistance from a doctor, who will prescribe some drugs to suppress the virus. The patient should consult a physician because the drugs do not wipe the herpes completely.The drugs can be in the form of ointment or oral form. Normally they are prescribed to be taken every day for a long time until one feels better.

There are also natural herbs know to heal the disease. The herbs are known to contain strong anti-viral elements that destroy the virus once they penetrate in their membranes. The herbs can be in the form of tablets, creams and even sprays. The herbs are able to suppress the virus. The symptoms disappear for some time but it does not mean that the disease is cured. It can appear again after two or three weeks.

This is a very irritating disease that can cause anxiety and stress. If one gets outbreaks for a long period of time, it can also affect their self-esteem. There are various ways of herpes cure and this information is plenty in the internet. One should choose the kind of treatment that they prefer, but consulting a specialist before settling on any medication is a wise idea.